Monday, February 16, 2009


That night I finally called. "Tim" had given me his phone number some time before on A4A but, I was just getting around to hittin him up. At first, he seemed like ALL the rest (DallAssholes) but, THREE hours later (yep, boo had some good conversation on him) still on that same phone call I was CONVINCED he was something special. We were into a LOT of the same things (Poetic Justice is his favorite movie & TLC is his favorite girl group) & he seemed so not typical & highly unusual. He kept hinting at me coming over to his place & after 3 hours of deep, entertaining dialogue, I happily accepted the invite.

I hadn't done anything to work up a sweat but, I still jumped in the shower & 15 minutes later I was on I-30 headed WEST. 40 minutes later I was convinced that my MapQuest mobile had failed me so I was forced to call for direction, which I really HATE doing (hey I'm a man, ain't I?). After laughing like a hyena in heat when I told him my location, I finally reached a point on the freeway to get off & turn around. 5 minutes later I arrived to a nice looking house in an even nicer looking neighborhood. I directed him to not have on any clothing when he greeted me at the door & to my surprise, he obliged. Tim opened the door wearing nothing but a du-rag & a smile & I was...speechless: about 5'9, maybe 165. Nicely built with pretty feet & a face that didn't look a day over 25 (he was 34). I walked in & he closed the door behind me & followed, closely.

"This house is HUGE," I thought to myself as I passed through the living room & into the dining room. & he lives alone, aside from his teenage son who he gets on weekends. We stepped into the light shining brightly from the kitchen. He was checkin me out from head to toe but, I was checkin out this beautiful home (a guy this fine KNOWS he's fine so, I opted not to look at him too long or too hard). I handed him one of the two bottles of beer I brought in, he took a swig & asked me to undress as I sipped mine. I got down to my boxers & then began to act shy but, he had no problem helping me out of them. He then dropped down to his knees & went to work on my cock.

I leaned slightly against the edge of the dinette table, tilted my head back & took a deep breath as I thought to myself, "I wanna marry him." After about 5 minutes he stopped, abruptly, & walked around the corner into his bedroom. I followed moments later to find him laying on his stomach. I reached around his waist, tooted his ass up & ate that bitch like he was food. He was begging me to "stop...DON'T STOP...stop...DON'T STOP!" I rolled him over onto his back, legs up & my face still buried in dat muff. Still moaning, he grabbed my head & snatched away. Smiling, he pushed me back onto the bed & straddled me as he reached into the nightstand & came out with lube & a rubber. I lay there watching him do all the prep & thought, "God, this man is BEAUTIFUL..."

It took him a minute to take even half of me in that position. Seeing the discomfort in his face I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist & rolled us over onto his back (I hate pulling out while I'm fuckin). His grip around my dick immediately relaxed & his eyes widened...he was enjoying it now. I kissed his lips as I stroked in & out of his body & I began to lose myself inside of him. I did not want to "beat" it...I wanted to make love to it. As I kissed & grinded he heavily breathed & moaned & without warning he spit me out (of his ass) & came all over his stomach. He then apologized for not giving me time to bust mine but, I wasn't even angry. I felt almost satisfied, having given him the pleasure he needed that night. We didn't lay there for much longer before heading to the bathroom together to clean up & I continued to sneak peeks at his beautiful body. I was in awe of his physical exhibit...I wanted him.

After I dressed he walked me to the door, still butt naked. We talked as he explained all the photos on the wall, the one of his son was his spitting image. We smiled, embraced, kissed, & I left...if only it ended there...

I thought about Tim the whole ride home. His face, his body, his smell, his taste...he was intoxicating (or maybe it was the 6-pack I drank earlier that night). By the time I made it home it was about 5 a.m. & I had made it up in my mind to pursue. I mean, why not? The typical jump-off does not, CAN NOT, carry an in-depth & meaningful conversation for as long as we had been on the phone so, he had already impressed me. I got online & sent him red (for passion) roses. He had to know I was seriously interested. I had to make him know. & then, he'd be swept off his feet & fall head over heels for me. I scheduled them to arrive the next day & after confirmation of delivery I waited patiently by the phone...he never called that night.

I lay in bed thinking about my actions. Maybe he was offended I only sent 6 instead of a dozen. Maybe he was allergic. Maybe he not into that faggoty bullshit & don't like flowers. Maybe he's just not that into you...I fell asleep sad.

He called the next day to thank me. He wasn't home when they were delivered so they were left with his neighbor & he didn't get them until that morning. I felt joy & hopefulness. I told him how much I enjoyed our conversation. How much I enjoyed being with him that night & how I'd like to get to know him even more. He then basically told me that I wasn't exactly his "type" but, he'd be open to being just friends.

We still text & call one another ever so often just to say "hello" but, the truth is he rejected me so, we'll probably never truly be friends.

To this day sometimes I wonder to myself, "Is love really just an illusion?"

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I've learned that I can't be everything to everyone, so I just move on. I try not to worry about it.