Thursday, April 2, 2009

but being "gay" IS a choice...freedom, part II: the truth about circumstances

Now wait a minute muthafuckas:

You CAN'T help what you like.
You CAN'T help who you love.
& you DEFINITELY can't help what gets your dick hard (or your pussy wet, for my full bottom boys).

But, you CAN help how you identify.

Case in point, I used to mess with this dude name "Reynaldo." & Reynaldo was clearly a black, african-american, just as myself. Now, my ENTIRE lineage & ancestry may be a bit vague, but, I know what I identify as culturally & ethnically just based on my immediate family. Looking at Reynaldo's immediate family, I could see no cultural or ethnic differences that would lead me to believe he was anything other than a black, african-american, like myself. Yet, on his BGC, A4A, & Men4Now he made it a point for anyone who clicked on his profile to know that he was "a mixed male black mexican & indian but look ALL BLACK..." & yes, these are his exact words.

Now, I ain't tryin to hate on Senor Reynaldo Blackfoot but, I just don't think you can pick & choose your racial identity like this...I mean, has anybody noticed the # of non-spanish speaking "Blatinos" on BGC? Senorita PLEASE! Not when the closest you came to latin cuisine growing up was either Taco Bueno or Beef Taco Hamburger Helper.

But I digress.

Taking the first step out of the closet to identify as Gay (or Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, etc.) is in fact, a choice. It's more mental than physical or circumstantial because if you are not mentally in a place to handle such a POWVERFUL (does anybody else's grandmama pronounce her "w's" like "v's?") term being applied to describe yourself, it'll only lead to shame & guilt which is going to lead to risky behavior patterns, lies, & other foolish & avoidable choices. But without choosing a title then, what are you? Maybe a man who is attracted to both sexes...a man attracted to the same sex...a man who feels he is a woman trapped in a man's body...a man who isn't even having sex (God forbid). All I know is that the question of sexual orientation is not typically on a job, mortgage, or college application. But whatever the label, whenever YOU choose to identify, it should be on your own terms for the sake of your own sanity. No one should be able to take that power away from you when deciding how you should "live ya life, (eh ay eh ay eh ay) [1]."

Truth be told, "if tomorrow is judgement day; and I'm standin' on the front line; and the Lord ask me what I did with my life...[2]" I will say I loved my neighbors. I will say I embraced all mankind & treated others as I wanted to be treated. Hell, I'll even say I honored my mother & occasionally my father. But I can't say my gayness will be apart of my account. & certainly not because I view it as a "sin;" I honestly don't. But because I simply have so many other points to prove. My gayness (like my blackness, my citizenship, & my manhood) is firm enough to not be there's really no need for defense.

Prosecution rests.


1. "Live Your Life" (T.I. featuring Rihanna) - Paper Trail; 2008
2. "My Love is Your Love" (Whitney Houston) - My Love is Your Love; 1998

This is nothing more than a play on words. An exercise to show that views on any situation, or idea may change just by the verbage of the speech. & that human & spiritual laws, like the ones enforced by government are FREE for interpretation. This is how the validity of a point is determined by a judge or a jury of one's's all in the delivery

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Keisha Kornbread said...

I'm Tri-Racial myself. My Dad is 100% Black and Mom is Filipino & Chinese......but I ain't even gonna touch this.