Saturday, August 1, 2009

the like vivica

SO...for as far back as I can REMEMBER, I have preferred the company of older men. I mean the younger girls just never knew how to act but, now even the old ladies have begin to turn me off.

Remember "Eddie ?" Well, one reason I never even attempted to pursue anything with him is because his standards are, well...unattainable: you know the type whose "I am looking for..." (on his BGC profile) lists abou 88 of the things he doesn't like in a man? Besides, we're better off as friends anyway. But he is still by FAR one of the prettiest 40-something year old men I've laid eyes on in the DFW.

My point is for a while, I could only even SEE myself being serious with someone older than me.

"And the only way you know you're older is that you (once loved by older men) now find yourself loving boys younger than you...[1]"

That guy from my last post: 20 years old. The infamous Bruce: 21. My baby Shane (sighs, I just don't even have the strength to go into his story right now): but he is 20...are you noticing a pattern? I turned 25 less than 2 weeks ago.

Once upon a time, I couldn't even fathom dating a guy younger than, I find myself ONLY dating the new generation.

& it's not intentional...I didn't even notice until someone else pointed it out.

Am I slowly becoming that old girl at the club...the one who still tucks her shirt in (to mom jeans) & wears white tennis shoes?



I just don't know how this happened. I am listening to an Xscape cd as I type this...the last little boy I brought home didn't even know who Xscape WAS!

I feel so disgusting.

But this is the circle of life, right?

When I was 17 & in the 12th grade, my treasure chest was being dug in by a pirate named Oscar; who just so happened to be 25 & MARRIED with children. & though I don't see myself going to the extreme of adultery & contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile...I am now at that point...wher the young boys ARE the beautiful ones...


1. Andrew Holleran - Dancer From The Dance; 1978
2. Diamond (Lisa Raye) - The Player's Club; 1998


crocoembossed said...

Not knowing Xscape is clearly a crime. How is he supposed to appreciate Kandi on Housewives if he has not been steeped in the lessons provided by Hummin Cummin At'Cha.

In all seriousness though, I used to prefer older but have since moved on. The older dudes usually have the same garbage that the younger dudes provide except they are older.

It just so happens I started to dealing with guys my own age and younger because - surprise - they are easier to meet up with. Less shade, less jade.

DeEryk said...

I agree with cocoembossed. Girl,these young "boys" not men are something else. But to be honest. MEN are too much. It's not like we can go to raise one. I wish we could. LOL

Keisha Kornbread said...

I stick to the older cats because the younger ones make me nausious. Listening to them talk about something serious to them makes me want to ram my face into a storefront's window.

One wore me out telling me his world was going to end because he had no idea how he was going to budget for the month and manage his T-Mobile Sidekick bill because he spent his check on some new Jordan's and his car note. I wanted to jump out of his car on the highway going 600 miles an hour across broken glass bottles and busted up aluminum cans.

UrSoVain said...

hahahahaha!!!!! Omg!!! TUCKS HER SHIRT IN!! i know exactly which one's ur talking about. Its a scary thing to one day wake up and be one of those gurls. Still trying to be hip without trying to break one. The older guys are on some next shyt... i dont know what it is.. but the youngins like myself are just easier to deal with in my opinion. Giv me some attention and an ipod a bytch is good to go!!

Ant said...

"Am I slowly becoming that old girl at the club...the one who still tucks her shirt in (to mom jeans) & wears white tennis shoes?"