Friday, September 26, 2008


I am aware of the world outside the window,
Fully aware of my surroundings,
Though the view is quite dismal
I am lucid, I can see the state of the nation,
& it runs much deeper than prices at gas stations
I understand, for over 5 years we been at war
I know all this, I see the price jump at the grocery store
I'm not hallucinating, CNN is not a mirage
& neither is the bomb shelter underneath the garage
I am watchful of my grandma’s healthcare, I can see she tired
Manual labor over 30 years, still can’t retire; now I’m inspired
To try & change the world, become an activist
I'll have another rum & coke... (forgets all about it)

-Q. Deon

I ran across these two opinion pieces over at showcasing different points of view on this election & the debates:

Editorial 1

Editorial 2

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